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A personalised hub for your clients & families

Familyhub helps Disability Services build closer connections for clients under care

Supported Independent Living
Specialised Disability Accommodation
Assistance with Daily Life

Attract & retain clients & their families

Familyhub Client Experience Management puts your NDIS client at the centre of everything you do.

Build trust with families as you securely share and receive essential feedback, capture moments, and increase loyalty with a personalised experience. Give them the freedom to explore and interact – and choose you.


Improve service delivery

Familyhub helps every service delivery manager be more responsive, with a 360-view of house and clients. Automate routine tasks, improve team and departmental collaboration to deliver better client service.

Immediate client feedback helps you continuously adapt, celebrate wins, and turn challenges into opportunities.


Enhance community reputation

For CX leaders, build your community profile and peak body reputation. Share success and accelerate marketing by curating word-of-mouth references and testimonials that reduce marketing costs and elevate community advocacy.

Strengthen compliance, build client trust, and protect your business while addressing Australian Privacy Principles.

How Familyhub helps you retain & renew NDIS plans

Deliver a secure and interactive family experience with less manual work for Assistance with Daily Life, Supported Independent Living, and Specialised Disability Accommodation clients under care

Review NDIS plans

Preposterously easy to use.
You can get up and running with your hub in no time. Start by sharing Organisation and House news, events, and then start communicating unique content with each client family's personal portal.


Focus on activities.
Instead of thinking about the end goal - long term retention - Familyhub helps you focus on the actions to get there. Share moments, respond to feedback, manage escalations, and let Familyhub help you prioritise.


See measurable results.
With familyhub you create higher engagement and increase satisfaction. You increase occupancy because your clients stay longer with your organisation.  Familyhub's easy surveys and qualitative analytics gets your service delivery down to a science. No more shutting your eyes and hoping for the best.

Meet Your Colleagues

Join our global team and enjoy the ride!

John Doe, CEO Founder

"As an designer, I love the technical challenges that come with a fast growing company."

John Doe, Designer

"As an designer, I love the technical challenges that come with a fast growing company."

John Doe, Developer

"As an designer, I love the technical challenges that come with a fast growing company."

Built for

Managing diverse relationships with clients and their families can be complex. Familyhubpoint makes it easier.


Fast to setup and get going.

Protect NDIS income while only using what you need.

Easy to manage

Securely designed with Microsoft 365. Complementary with existing tools and systems.

Easy to grow

Flexible support supports you team and helps you achieve sustainable financial and social outcomes.

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